CLIENT Universidad de los Andes - Competition

LOCATION Bogotá, Colombia

YEAR  2016

STATUS Competition

PROGRAM Educational

DESIGN & PROJECT ARCHITECT Fidel Mendoza / Carlos Martinez  / Hiroshi Naito (Naito Architects & Associates  - Tokyo, Japan) / Fernando De La Carrera (De La Carrera Cavanzo Ltda - Bogotá, Colombia) / Manuela Eble

TEAM Fidel Mendoza / Carlos Martinez / Hiroshi Naito (NAA) / Fernando De La Carrera (DCC) / Manuela Eble / Alejandro Cavanzo (DCC) / Shinichi Fukuhara (NAA) / Daniel Sanchez (DCC) / Jaime Ruiz / Hiromi Nishikawa (NAA) / Enrique Medina (DCC) / Alexandre Nicolas / Nicolás Sabogasl (DCC) 


RENDERINGS: UNO100 Arquitectos (Bogotá, Colombia)

MODEL: Alejandra Nuñez & Carlos Augusto Arango

COORDINATOR: Juan Pablo Ordoñez

More than a building, the project is the synthesis of the variables that the campus of the Universidad de los Andes has meant for its users and now to a broader population, and including the surrounding community, it participates in urban and regional activities and reinforces the interaction of the university with the concept and the global environment.


A porous living organism, which interconnects the fabric of the city with the university campus, extolling the presence of the eastern hills of Bogotá and its emblematic position in the territory.


The project power and promotes new ways to generate knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship. Implemented without hierarchy and less formal structures, as the result of the new approach of the University to new pedagogical models using the built space as a facilitator of educational processes.

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