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LOCATION: Bogota, D.C.

YEAR: 2017

PROGRAM: Institutional

TEAM: Carlos Martínez / Fernando de la Carrera (De La Carrera Cavanzo) / Alejandro Cavanzo (De La Carrera Cavanzo)


Graphic Design: Enrique Santos (AMBIDIESTRA)

Architect: Daniel Sanchez

Interns: David Rojas / Valentina Torres / Raúl Fadul / Camila Gómez / Manuela Soto

CDRC El Tunal is a sports, cultural and recreational center that will become a metropolitan referent showing how civic life can be harmoniously intertwined with natural life. Located in a corner of El Tunal Metropolitan Park, the new CDRC takes advantage of its strategic location to become the new access and face of the park towards the city.


We start from the premise of doing landscape taking advantage of the territory in which it is located. Through topographic treatments generate more dynamic and friendly boundaries between the pedestrian, the city and the park.


The project unfolds in the territory as separate blocks that are connected through a gallery serving as a transition between the access plaza and the park. The program of the building is buried, and is organized in five blocks connected by a gallery.


CDRC El Tunal becomes the link between the Tunjuelo River Basin and the Metropolitan Park, allowing the creation of a large natural system that seeks to recover the sub-Andean ecosystems of the region.

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