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LOCATION  Bogotá, Colombia

CLIENT Codigo Proyectos

YEAR 2015 - 2019

STATUS Finished


DESIGN & PROJECT ARCHITECT Carlos Martinez / Maria Paula Gonzalez

TEAM Carlos Martinez / Maria Paula Gonzalez / Jaime Ruiz 


Felipe Cortés / Antonio Ruiz / Johan Vaca  / Daniela Duque

PHOTOS: Simon Bosch | Carlos Martínez

Located in a privileged corner, with 360 degree views over Bogota, Tribeca is a housing project with 76 units. It is a celebration of the cities traditional brick architecture but giving the material elastic sense, very characteristic of contemporary architecture.


Because of its location on the diagonal intersection of two roads, the building responds gently to the city with a sharp curve that gets narrow as it grows in height. Its volume is made up of strips of brick that open and close according to space conditions inside the building giving the facades a heterogeneous sense without losing the compositional rigor.