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LOCATION:  Bogotá, Colombia

CLIENT: Codigo Proyectos

YEAR: 2015 - 2019

STATUS: Finished

PROGRAM: Housing

DESIGN & PROJECT ARCHITECT: Carlos Martinez / Maria Paula Gonzalez

TEAM: Carlos Martinez / Maria Paula Gonzalez / Jaime Ruiz 

COLLABORATORS: Felipe Cortés / Antonio Ruiz / Johan Vaca  / Daniela Duque

PHOTOS: Simon Bosch | Carlos Martínez



The project is a proposal for urban renewal transforming the environment through an architectural gesture of great value to the city. Located in a traditional sector of Bogotá, the Teusaquillo neighborhood, in the border between conservation houses and industrial warehouses. The project seeks to take advantage of its convenient location, close to the historic and international center, surrounded by easily accessible roads and public transport that easily connects it with the center, north and west of the city, to establish an iconic corner.

The building is located in an unconventional corner on Av. Carrera 28, the lot has three fronts, for which it is privileged to be able to generate architectural facades on its four sides.




The project is a 15-story, 3-basement tower, for mixed residential and commercial use. The bet is to innovate in the way of offering housing, with important architectural gestures that turn it into spaces with great qualities.


The building mix Single bedroom apartments with family apartments, of small areas, trying to offer as many windows to take advantage of natural light and the pleasant views of the city. All the apartments are exterior, and from the 4th floor all have access to stunning views of the surroundings.




Regarding materiality, the project seeks simplicity and forcefulness by mixing light brick with the transparency of the windows, some matte black elements, and lush gardens that contrast with the earth tones selected. The building is an exploration of lightness possibilities of a heavy material such as brick, creating textures and rhythms, which in the curved areas take on greater relevance, by taking more weight off the material, and playing with the contrasts, lights and shadows, and effects both indoors and outdoors.




The project takes advantage of the particular shape of a non-orthogonal lot, to generate an unconventional shape. With a curved line and a facade of continuous stripes that intersperse the empty and full. A light brick envelope is proposed, which also plays with different rhythms to accentuate the gesture of continuity and lightness that is intended.

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