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LOCATION  Bogotá, Colombia

YEAR  2015

PROGRAM Commercial

DESIGN AND PROJECT ARCHITECT Carlos Martinez / Manuela Eble / David Garcia

TEAM Carlos Martinez / Fidel Mendoza / Manuela Eble / David Garcia

Try to summarize a culture in a space has always been a challenge for architecture. Mexico is a country with a strong nationalistic spirit; It has centuries of being harvested and has been aroused in their people a great pride. It is a culture that is constantly fed over time. Their effort to not forget the Aztec culture (which is even represented on the flag), their food, their patterns that decorate and adorn homes, their music, their art with outstanding exponents, and its architecture that has been reinterpreted by passing the centuries are one of the few signs of strength they have as a nation.


Resmex is a project of restaurants located in Bogotá that try to introduce these elements in their spaces. We have chosen as a starting point four presenters who helped us find a stronger concept; patterns of traditional textiles, the architecture of Luis Barragan, the drawings of Jose G. Posada and the nature and ruins of past cultures. Each element combined or not, mixed with the technology and the materials of the XXI century is the main representative in the different spaces in the restaurant.

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