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LOCATION: Bogotá, Colombia.

YEAR: 2019

STATUS: Completed

PROGRAM: Housing

Design: Carlos Martínez (AR-AR)

Construction: Martínez Arquitectura AR-AR



PH: Simon Bosch | Carlos Martínez

The work consists in remodeling a three-level apartment located in a residential building in El Chicó neighborhood, in Bogotá.


The apartment´s lower level comprises of two bedrooms and a laundry and TV room. The intermediate level contains the access and social spaces: living room, dining room and kitchen. The upper level houses the master bedroom in direct relation to a terrace with a garden.


The staircase connects the three levels of the apartment and is the main piece of the space. Built in steel and wood and differentiated from the rest of the elements by its black color, the staircase generates a special atmosphere towards the south side of the place. By using black throughout the space, shadows are accentuated, while semidarkness and light become softer.


The design seeks to generate a neutral environment, where the architectural elements lose relevance and become a visual frame to the Cerros Orientales; the most important natural landscape of the city. The work is a celebration of the close presence of nature and the urban dynamics, very typical of the neighborhood.

190626_Apto Quiroga Garcia-Arquitectonic
190626_Apto Quiroga Garcia-Arquitectonic
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