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YEAR: 2017

STATUS: Competition

PROGRAM: Institutional / Educational

TEAM: Carlos Martínez / Fidel Mendoza / Victor Tamayo


Estructure Consultant: Nicolas Parra

Interns: David Rojas / Leonardo Fontalvo / Jhoana Pérez

More than a building, the project decomposes to create a set of buildings that recognizes the circulations of the university as a metaphor for music; it is a coherent route between sounds and silences (full and empty) that through itself is discovered and opens to different views of the campus and the city.


The building remains in the meeting point between Music and Architecture: The Proportion. That is why its value is in the relationship between the volumes, the harmony that is generated between them.


The way the building adapts to its surroundings, recognizes the presence of Monserrate and is discovered through its route, makes it an extension of the campus that respects its history, its value and its heritage.




The building recognizes in music the most pure manifestation for the spirit, and this is where the essence of the project is: A harmonious path between geometric proportions.


Recognizing the R block (Richard) for its architectural value on campus and as part of the campus boundary, the building replicates its implantation with the most imposing volume as the starting point for the birth of the project.

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