LOCATION  Medellín, Colombia.

YEAR 2018

PROGRAM Institutional

DESIGN AR-AR - Fundación Juligón - Jesús Fiallo - Manuela Eble

COLLABORATORS: David Efraín Rojas Escobar - Sebastián Velandia - Laura Borda 

The memory and reflection space is based on 3 strategies:

The first is the deconstruction of the current building to make the void a monument in itself and allow clear connections with the city and the context. By cutting off the building from the urban silhouette, we make it a counter monument.

The second is the confinement of the gap between natural and architectural elements, forming 3 strips that structure the concept of the proposal. The first strip refers to the past, where an open-air gallery was arranged (exhibition space), which reminds us of the historical events. The second strip speaks of the present, which invites to a profound reflection through a contemplative
garden. The third and last section, talks about the future, in which a space of transition and permanence is available.

The third and final strategy is the materialization of the elements (fire, earth, air, water and spirit) in the architectural construction of the place.