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YEAR: 2017

STATUS: Competition

PROGRAM: Urban Development

TEAM: Carlos Martinez / Alejandro Quintana / Pablo Ortiz


Interns: David Rojas / Jhoana Pérez

The fluidity of water in all its characterizations has always been by nature, a reason of joy for people. To see rain, to see the calm water, its flashes, to see the energy of a waterfall, of a great flow ... Water has always accompanied the civilization and in many places its presence is reason for genesis and regulation of the cities.

The opportunity to mediate between the already constructed and the natural starts from the ephemeral edge and from the elementary, the abstract of the urban layout; a beginning from two extremes whose union suggests an approximation, a degradation that would make the city find a happy relationship with nature.

The water allows to be crossed and the project gives an opportunity to this one.

The project propose a collection of geometric terminals that in the middle of their independence are integrated by a connector axis of unchanging slope that intersects them and allows to approach them accompanied by slopes with slight ascents and descents.

The wetland would not only mean a scenario of recreation and sport; It would also mean a stage of care, progress and social welfare for the community.

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