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LOCATION: Tokyo, Japan.

YEAR: 2012

STATUS: Competition

PROGRAM: Institutional / Sports

TEAM: Carlos Martínez / Fidel Mendoza / Fernando de la Carrera (De la Carrera Cavanzo) / Alejandro Cavanzo (De la Carrera Cavanzo).

One of the most exciting things about being inside a stadium is the feeling and thrill of being a part of something. Of being part of a collectivity, of a group that shares interests and joy. To be able to share the joy of the game with others, others that are also thrilled and excited to be there. Part of being in a stadium is feeling every emotion that is taking place in the field, the tears, the joy, the sweat, and sharing those emotions with those around you, because they feel them too.


The spiraled structure that resembles a hug, enhances that feeling of community and sharing that takes place in a stadium. The spiral structure does not dictate divisions and separations, everybody is sharing the same space and the same thrill. The feeling of being a part of something, of sharing your excitement with others, of being a community, is amplified by the shape of this stadium. Every emotion is collectively felt in every part of the stadium and can be seen by those on the other side, it's a thrill that circulates around the spirals from spectator to spectator, the thrill of being together and sharing a moment and a passion. The embracing shape of the spirals gives spectators the sensation of being hugged within the structure, that creates a feeling of togetherness and community that elevates the excitement of what is taking place in the field.


Along with the excitement of community and passion, this stadium does not alienate its visitors from the rest of the city. The spectators are not only within the stadium, but within the city and they can see the city while they see the field. This stadium does not block its surroundings, it is embraced by them. The surrounding environment is a part of what creates the stadium's structure and therefore when enjoying the passion within the community and the spiral, those sitting in the stands will also be enjoying being a part of the city. Therefore, the sense of community is greatly elevated, the spectator will not only be part of enjoying a passion within a stadium and sharing it with others, but also a part of the greater environment of the city that encompasses the stadium and everyone inside it.

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