LOCATION  Bogotá, Colombia.

YEAR 2019

PROGRAM Institutional

DESIGN ​AR-AR - Jesús Fiallo - Manuela Eble

COLLABORATORS: Valentina Torres Monroy - Ana Maria Díaz - Enrique Cadavid Schoonewolff - Juan Sebastian Camacho - Danna Acosta Reina



We imagine a curvilinear continuous public space, which is the extension of the contemplative paths that derive from the context and connects two parks. The shape its molded to connect.




The project starts from two clear factors. On one hand, it must be related to two neighborhood-scale parks and partially open to offer services to the community. On the other hand it must contain the program of a school, with the privacy and security for the students.


Starting from this duality between openness and privacy, the proposal is inspired by fifteenth century public buildings: a colonnade, allowing the necessary permeability in the basement and privacy on the upper floors


Towards the park the building have large corridors that also function as spaces for staying and meeting, and forming continuous ribbons that finish off the terrace that opens onto the “Bogota’s Cerros Orientales”.




-       Consolidate the urban space


On a zonal scale the project site is located on a pedestrian crossing, which leads to a very important commercial area of the city between two parks. We decided to create a bar that serves as a wall facing the emptiness of the park. This opens on the western side towards the park and the neighborhood on the eastern side.


-       Connecting the urban space


The school opens to allow the continuity of the urban space conneting public the neighborhoods public areas. This is achieved through small squares, one on the eastern side accessed from the neighborhood and the other on the western side facing the park.




-       Hierarchies of uses


The building is separated into two program packages: The first spaces with the possibility of opening to the community; the second as intimate spaces of academic use.


-       Permeability


On the first floor the project opens creating a threshold to the park. The multipurpose space has been arranged in the base of the building, allowing visual and physical permeability from the neighborhood to the park.

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