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LOCATION: Bogotá, Colombia.

YEAR: 2020

STATUS: Completed

PROGRAM: Housing

Design: Carlos Martínez (AR-AR) + Fiallo Atelier

Construction: Duque + Rivera Construcción

COLLABORATORS: Ana Diaz, Sebastián Camacho Perea, Danna Acosta Reina, Enrique Cadavid Schoonewolff, Danna Ricaurte Calle, María Paula Ospina Farías.


PH: Simon Bosch | Carlos Martínez

The project is an apartment remodelation located in the north of Bogotá, very close to the eastern hills (Cerros Orientales), an exuberant mountain range that runs from north to south throughout the city. Its privileged location and the views towards the hills was the starting point to conceive the design of the spaces. The apartment is turned towards the outside, seeking to maintain a direct relationship with the landscape. The apartment social activity spaces are located on the north side of the building, which has the most open façade and the private spaces towards the south façade, which is the most closed.


The apartment architecture was typical from the Bogotan 90s, with many sub-spaces and walls that blocked the access of natural light to the interior of the apartment. We seek a solution with a single gesture that achieves opening in the scheme, that connects all the spaces and becomes the articulating axis of the whole house.


To respond to this need, a wood wall was created with different curves according to the spatial requirements, in some points it is a wall, in others it is furniture, in others it is a door. A wood wall that joins the entire house and all the spaces. This wood wall is the boundary between the social rooms and the private areas.


The design solution sought to have the least amount of elements and materials possible, consolidating the wood wall and the curves as the protagonists of the space, achieving a serene atmosphere.

2. Isometric View png.png
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