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LOCATION  Gramalote, Colombia

YEAR 2014

STATUS Competition

PROGRAM Institutional - Competition

DESIGN & PROJECT ARCHITECT Carlos Martinez / Jose Luis Concha (GRX Arquitectos - Spain)

TEAM Carlos Martinez / Fidel Mendoza / Jose Luis Concha (GRX) / Carlos Gor (GRX) / Alvaro Gor (GRX) / Agustin Gor Gomez (GRX)

The competition to design the Gramalote's new sports scene comes from the need to move an entire people because a great danger of landslides. The Colombian government has decided to rebuild from scratch the whole town. The new sports center is one of several projects for the reconstruction of Gramalote. 


Architecture for the people's recovery:

Sport and nature will be the way for a new happy and optimistic Gramalote. Therefore the field soccer and the sports areas are designed to be a source of pride for the residents, simple architecture forms integrated into the landscape but with the intention of becoming attractive elements for the citizens without giving up a contemporary style that attract them into the sport.


Architecture And nature:

The idea of ​​sports facilities, both soccer field as open spaces and scenery sports seeks to be an experience with nature and thus both projects opens to the landscape. The soccer field becomes a great platform and terrace overlooking the nature, and the sports arena is covered with a structure that integrates the outside green with the building interior.


Outdoor public space:

A landscape treatment around the sports arena is presented as an opportunity to design a park that integrates appropriate water management to prevent landslides, not only as a form of security but as an element of beauty.


The outer fields provided for this place are implemented as a footprint on the landscape where the topography is transformed to recieve viewers.

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