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YEAR 2009

STATUS Competition

PROGRAM Institutional


Carlos Martinez / Maria Paula Gonzalez / Alejandro Rodriguez

As fabrics, shapes and inspiration are the raw materials for the fashion industry, museum rises in a minimal pure shape that repeats itself in a vertical way, like layers of fabric in a dress.


Still, the structure is as simple as possible letting the fabrics to have the primer role in the building. Fabrics are the spirit of the building, as their colors and textures can redefine each space according to the inspiration of the collection exposed, and also they can play with light and wind to create diverse environmental conditions in the insides. Hanging cross linked under the ceilings, the fabrics can be moved to either side to create several related spaces where the fashion can e exposed.

As fashion, the building change its inspiration in form, as well as color and textures, adapting seaseon after season to the changing trends.

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