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LOCATION  Bogotá, Colombia.

YEAR 2019

PROGRAM Institutional

DESIGN ​AR-AR - Fiallo atelier - Manuela Eble - Gabriel Campuzano

COLLABORATORS Valentina Torres - Enrique Cadavid - Ana María Díaz - Juan Sebastián Camacho - Danna Acosta

DRAWINGS Jesús Fiallo - Enrique Cadavid



We proposed to PRESERVE the current plaza of "Los Vagones", reconfiguring it with the new elements of the architectural program, but maintaining its essence and dimensions. This void becomes the element that respects and values ​​the large pre-existing cypress tree, making it an object of CONTEMPLATION and shelter.


The Plaza becomes the main CONGREGATIONAL space of the project, as well as the main INTEGRATOR of the flows coming from the different sectors of the campus.

Its two levels allow various activities to be carried out, linking directly to the assembly room, allowing it to expand over it and integrate functionally, making the use of space and the program more flexible.




The building is implanted as a thin and slender Bar that EMBRACES the eastern side of La Plaza, CONFORMING and delimiting its space, housing the parts of the “Light” program (spaces in need of natural light and sight) and a roof terrace, which enjoy a close view of the plaza itself and distant views of the hills and the Campus .

The building is a boundary between the outside and the inside, a volume that protects the interior of the campus and gives it privacy and determines its scale.




The Bar is always accompanied along an open staircase that CONNECTS with the different levels of the campus and DELIVERES the flows from La Plaza del Arbol, "El Campito", block P1, "la Piscina", to the interior of the building. “El Bobo”, the TX block and the new access from Circunvalar Avenue (UMBRAL).

The main staircase is the space where encounters, breaks and relationships between students occur, an archetypal Uniandino space.




The building takes advantage of its edge situation to resolve a new access to the university. Conforming a threshold that adequately RECEIVES the flows from the Avenida Circunvalar and the sports center, with an appropriate scale and dimensions, thus solving a historical problem that the University has in its eastern access.

This Threshold allows a direct relationship with the landscape of “Los cerros orientales” the main natural landscape in Bogotá, introducing it to the interior of the plaza.

The level on which this new access is developed (floor 2), contains the offices of the music department, a program that takes place in a very transparent space, allowing cross views from the plaza to the hills, valuing its presence and its proximity.







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