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LOCATION: Colombia

YEAR: 2010

STATUS: Competition

PROGRAM: Institutional

TEAM: Arq. Alejandro Quintana/ Arq. Victor Alejandro Tamayo/ Arq. Carlos Martínez

COLLABORATORS: PJH Ingenieros Contratistas Ltda

Our response was based on the analysis of the specified program. Medical architecture usually presents immense blocks of labyrinthine, complex architecture, corridors, twists, lots of lost space.

We fractionated the program in 6 specialized areas and focused our efforts on making them equal, so that the modulation was simpler (Welcome Area, Laboratories Area, Consultancy Area, Administrative Area, Technical Area, Circulation Area and Waiting Rooms).

Contrary to disseminating waiting rooms in any corner of the health center, we unite them with the circulations, which allowed a greater area for the disabled and at the same time a longitudinal bench to this circulation acting as waiting room. Transit and delay acting in the same space.

This circulation and waiting room is the backbone of the health center and is responsible for tying all modules. The separation between modules is used as small patios rich in vegetation, allowing to involve several important environmental factors to the building. The result is an intelligent building, adaptable to any physical condition in all three dimensions.

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