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LOCATION Bogotá, Colombia

YEAR 2015

PROGRAM Institutional - Design Competition

DESIGN Fidel Mendoza / Carlos Martinez / Diana Echavarria

TEAM Fidel Mendoza / Carlos Martinez / Diana Echavarria / Manuela Eble / Daniela Duque 



The competition to design the ciudad bolivar's mayoralty building is a huge responsability, it tries to serve the people of the city. 


The project raised in Ciudad Bolivar is a proposal that seeks the way of creating a new urban node. It is located as a new edge solver for the town. Where it combines elements of metropolitan scale as the urban transport network (Transmilenio) and El Parque El Tunal (El Tunal Park) with the neighborhood level.


The implementation of  the project serves to the global ecological crisis that seeks to mitigate the impact of human actions. It is developed under the premise of forming a passive relationship between architecture and its environment, recognizing the place and its potential.


The program content locate the more public activities to the street level and as the building grows in height the character becomes more private. This is divided into two volumes that correspond to external agencies and the administrative area.


With the first type of bar paramenta the park. The meeting room can function when offices are inactive, opening and closing to the park. The second type of platform volume is located on the "urban room" which is illuminated through a circular oculus. Its accesses are located on this same square in a controlled manner and offers free plants that allows easy communication between the different units. A courtyard that illuminates and naturally ventilates the offices arranged around it its located on the third level. The mayor's office is on the top level with a private fixed point from which you can access independently from the first floor.

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