CLIENT Club Medico de Bogotá

LOCATION Bogotá, Colombia

YEAR  2016

PROGRAM Commerce / Cultural


TEAM Fidel Mendoza / Carlos Martinez / Juliana Michelsen


STATUS Private Competition

Located in a premium site of the city, the current house where now days the medical club is located, it has been a place of great interest for the inhabitants; It is one of the few houses in this area that remain in its original style and thanks to its size and location, has the potential to become a landmark in the city, a cultural and gastronomic meeting place that it can give a big potential to the neighborhood, which nowadays has only housing buildings, isolated and that do not generate spaces of coexistence for the people.

Taking advantage of the fact that the lot is a corner, the proposal is based on opening two circulations that cross the house; One in the east-west way and the other in the south-north way, where this second becomes an extension of the Carreran 7-A; It maintains the width of the road and connects the park with the backyard of the house, creating the main access of the project where to reach the courtyard (passing under three entrances of zenith light that cross the second floor until reaching the roof), It is possible to understand the essence of the project as a whole, thus creating not only a good architectural project but also a great opportunity for investments.

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