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LOCATION Barranquilla, Colombia

YEAR 2017

PROGRAM Sculpture - Infrastructure

DESIGN Felipe Rodriguez - Carlos Martínez - Santiago Buendía

TEAM Interns: Raúl Fadúl - Valentina Torres

We decided to create a window, a large glass curtain over the barranquilla landscape, a unique piece of landscape art.


We propose a monument to serve the city and its inhabitants, a work with which people can interact directly. For this reason, we conceive the monument as a piece of public infrastructure (bridge + park) at the service of the community.


This bridge will positively transform the place, making it friendly for the ordinary citizen, facilitating pedestrian connections in the area and converting a residual space into a public space for the Barranquilleros.


From residual space to oasis for people, the rotunda will become a large park and will be a seed to humanize the place and improve the quality of life in the area through the creation of public space.


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