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LOCATION  Bogotá, Colombia.

YEAR 2018

PROGRAM Commercial

TEAM Carlos Martínez / Santiago Buendía


Located in Usaquén, one of the most important commercial sectors of the city, Altagracia is a store selling traditional Colombian desserts with a contemporary vision, especially ¨arroz con leche¨.


The place has two important conditions. On the one hand, is a disproportionate space, a small footprint and a height of 5 MTS. On the other hand, that we had two facades completely in glass. With these conditions we create a space that feels very open towards the two glass facades and takes advantage of the closed corner to generate the kitchen and the space of the cellar. At the same time, we create horizontal stripes with different shades of gray in order to reduce the scale of the height.


Echoing the traditional, we think of the space with typical materials of our construction environment, mainly the concrete that was already in place, textured walls, hydraulic floors, raw steel in the lighting and wood in the furniture. We use dark tones in the store looking for a very homogeneous space to generate a contrast with the golden desserts bar and the yellow bar for customers.


In small scales like this store, with a limited budget, is the sum of the small details that make up the soul of the project.

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