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A R - A R   |   M a r t í n e z  A r q u i t e c t u r a   y  P a i s a j e   


Martínez Arquitectura y Paisaje is an architecture studio founded in 2017 by Carlos Martínez. We focus our practice on architecture design, landscape and project development.


We are a transverse and transgressive thinking studio.

Our projects are in the meeting point between landscape and built object.

We create atmospheres that alter senses.

We work all scales in all sectors.

We firmly believe in collaborative and transdisciplinary work.

We control all the stages of the project, from the first sketch on the paper to the last detail in building.

We believe that design is of subjective truths. Our Work is the result of partial agreements between all those involved.


We make universal architecture with local answers.

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